Why responsive design is mandatory and can’t be ingnored anymore?

Web design Bucuresti It is a fact that more and more people are accessing the Internet via devices such as mobile tablets and smartphones. For this reason, adopting a responsive design has become an imperative, not only to remain relevant in the search results of the almighty Google, but also in order to offer your visitors an overall positive experience.

Before we continue with the main reasons for upgrading to a responsive design, we must define the concept briefly. In the simplest terms, responsive design is a certain type of layout that allows automatic alternation of the outlook. As a consequence, regardless of what device you use to access a responsive design website, it will display with a resolution and aspect ratio that is in harmony with the device. In other words, the main benefit of such a design is the fact that it dodges the unaesthetic alterations that take place across devices due to a regular design. Moreover, the chances of coming across navigation errors on responsive design are minimal.

Increase your Facebook engagement with these 10 simple rules!

Web design BucurestiDo you want to reap all the benefits from all the effort you invest in Facebook marketing? Then it’s time to learn a few basic rules about visitor engagement. Only by following these rules can you make your content more findable and easy to share.

Increasing engagement rates on social-media platform such as Facebook implies lots of things. One of the most obvious and rewarding strategies is by giving back to Caesar what is Caesar’s: putting the interest of the target audience on the first place. In other words, give your visitors what they want and they’ll return the favor.