Increase your Facebook engagement with these 10 simple rules!

Web design BucurestiDo you want to reap all the benefits from all the effort you invest in Facebook marketing? Then it’s time to learn a few basic rules about visitor engagement. Only by following these rules can you make your content more findable and easy to share.

Increasing engagement rates on social-media platform such as Facebook implies lots of things. One of the most obvious and rewarding strategies is by giving back to Caesar what is Caesar’s: putting the interest of the target audience on the first place. In other words, give your visitors what they want and they’ll return the favor.

1. Use images in your posts: posts that have images have an engagement rate 22% higher than video posts, and 55% higher than text posts.

2. Post before 7 AM: the odds of getting everyone’s attention is 20% higher if you post on Facebook before and after work hours.

3. Thursdays & Fridays: if you want to hit the jackpot, then these two days will be the ones making your dream come true. Post important messages on these two days, as they are 30% more likely to be heard, according to studies.

4. Quality vs. quantity: long texts are boring, we all know it. Therefore, try to limit yourself to 80 characters or less.

5. Avoid shortened URLs: we’ve all seen those „bitly” URLs and frowned a little. And why shouldn’t we? They look odd. You should try to use only full URL because people are 3 times more likely to click them that way.

6. Ask a question: posts that end in a question are more attractive and invite people and followers to comment.

7. Don’t ask „Why?”: linear questions, such as this one, attract a small number of Likes and comments. Avoid them!

8. Begin your posts with the magical words: „Where”, „When”, and „How” are literal wonder makers. Most people will stop and read whatever follows next.

9. Define brand characteristics: if your brand promotes a healthy lifestyle, then make sure that your posts are congruent as a message with things related to a healthy lifestyle.

10. Last, but not least, know your target audience: once you got to know your audience (average age and mostly male/female), you will be able to create specific content which will, in turn, raise your audience’s engagement 50%.